How to cancel progressive car insurance?

progressive car insurance

Many people do not know how to cancel progressive car insurance. In many cases, progressive insurance needs to be canceled. If you do not know the correct guidelines, then you have to worry about how to cancel the insurance. So in today's post, I will try to give you a rough idea about how to cancel progressive car insurance. So let's find out without delay:-

How to cancel progressive car insurance online

There are several rules for progressive insurance cancellation that can be easily canceled by following the insurance. Many people cancel progressive car insurance on the phone, in person, or by mail. The most trusted and effective way is to cancel the insurance by calling directly to the customer service number 888-671-4405. When you call this number, you can cancel the insurance by talking to an agent.

These agents serve customers seven days a week and 24 hours a day. To drop the policy, you will need some documents such as the policy number, your name, date of birth, and social security number, along with the date on which you want to cancel the policy. In this method, you can close your policy on the day you call the agent. However, in this case you must give proper proof, then your insurance will be canceled.

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Progressive Insurance Auto Coverage Cancellation Policy all documents

Agents will take some credentials to cancel progressive car insurance. That is, when they cancel the insurance, they will ask you for some documents. Below are the types of documents required to cancel the insurance:-

1.The customer's policy number will be required.

2. The date of birth of the customer has to be given.

3. The name of the customer should be given.

4. The social security number of the insured person will be required.

Moreover, some more documents may be asked by progressive car insurance agents to give these documents in order to cancel the insurance.

Progressive Insurance cancellation fees

Many people are interested in knowing how much money can be paid to cancel progressive car insurance. Although these insurance companies do not give a clear idea about how much money they charge for their fees, I will try to tell you the estimated fee according to some customers. Progressive car insurance fees depend on many factors.

That is, where you live, your coverage type, on what date you are canceling the insurance. According to many, customers have to pay a 10 percent charge to cancel such insurance. Moreover, when you talk to an agent, they will tell you how to cancel and how much money you have to pay to cancel the insurance. However, they will first advise you not to cancel the insurance. 

how to cancel progressive car insurance step by step

progressive car insurance

There are many customers who want to cancel insurance later because they cannot pay the monthly fee. For them, I will tell you about how to cancel the insurance through an agent below. 

Step 1:If you want to cancel the insurance through the agent, then first of all you have to collect the number of the local agent and give the phone 866-416-2003. These agents serve up to seven days a week. 

Step 2: After calling the agent, they will ask for some of your information. For example, you will want to know about your policy number, name, date of birth, why you are canceling insurance and many other things. Then, whatever you want to know, do you want to cancel B soil immediately or cancel it at a date in the future.

Step 3: If you want to cancel the insurance immediately, they will cancel it if they get all the documents right, and if you want to cancel it at a future date, you will have to cancel your insurance on that date. But, of course, in this case you have to pay the fee according to their terms.

Step 4: The fee is charged only when the customer wants to cancel his insurance before the scheduled time has passed. The amount of fee is more or less depending on the type of insurance. Your insurance will be canceled after verification when the fee has finished being paid. In this way, any person can cancel the insurance through the agent if he wants.

Our last word

Hope those who have read today's post have learned about how to cancel progressive car insurance methods. In this way, if any person wants, he can easily cancel the progressive insurance at home.

If you have difficulty understanding a topic by reading the post or if you have to know more about it, then you can definitely comment. Efforts will be made to provide the best of your valuable questions in a very quick time. Thank you.

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